Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Are You There God? It's Me, Beth."

The things I miss most about my pre-teen years? Pudding pops, Judy Blume books, and really bad 80s music. I always thought I was lucky to bypass the acne and braces, until now. Nope, didn't get a mid-life version of acne. I got lovely braces (Invisilign) yesterday, and I now feel like I'm twelve and karma has caught up with me. I feel like I should be eating pop rocks and listening to my old Rick Springfield album. Oh well, I always was a late bloomer. Regardless, now I know why some pre-teens are in such bad moods. Other than the raging hormones, those that wear braces have to deal with a day or two of mouth pain, which sucks.

I wish they still sold pudding pops.....sigh....that would feel so good right now.......


riverWolfi said...

Oh Beth! I STILL remember the preteen pain of braces. Only I had to have the full metal jacket kind. Tapioca pudding and real mashed potatoes with homemade gravy
were great comfort food. You could always try getting a new "old" Rick Springield album on CD. I'm sure it would help.
"Shock/Denial/Anger/Acceptance" might just do the trick. Or the soon to be released on July 29 "Venus in Overdrive. You could order both on In the long run, you will be glad you did the braces. It's one of the best blessings my mom did on me!

MwH said...

Seriously time for a new post lady :).