Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Are You There God? It's Me, Beth."

The things I miss most about my pre-teen years? Pudding pops, Judy Blume books, and really bad 80s music. I always thought I was lucky to bypass the acne and braces, until now. Nope, didn't get a mid-life version of acne. I got lovely braces (Invisilign) yesterday, and I now feel like I'm twelve and karma has caught up with me. I feel like I should be eating pop rocks and listening to my old Rick Springfield album. Oh well, I always was a late bloomer. Regardless, now I know why some pre-teens are in such bad moods. Other than the raging hormones, those that wear braces have to deal with a day or two of mouth pain, which sucks.

I wish they still sold pudding pops.....sigh....that would feel so good right now.......