Sunday, April 27, 2008

Have You Ever.....

Wished that a day would never end? For me, that was yesterday. I was sitting on a blanket in the front yard with my friend Kristin watching our girls (Kate & Aida) chasing bubbles around the yard. It was the time of day when the planets were perfectly aligned - the girls were playing nicely, Chris & Mr. Jamie were swapping sports/lawyer stories, and everything in the garden (lilacs, azaleas, roses, etc.) smelled heavenly. As we were sitting on the blanket outside, Kristin & I noticed that cars were lining up around a particular house in our neighborhood, along with a stretch SUV. We noticed girls piling out of cars in their finery - dressed to kill for the biggest night of their high school lives - PROM NIGHT! The girls looked so glamorous - quite a change from the huge crinolines of the 80's that I wore. Then I thought - that will be Kate & Aida one day - SOONER THAN I'D LIKE. Since Kate celebrated her 3rd birthday this week, I've been lamenting over how time is flying for her. I could've gotten depressed about this, but I kept reverting back to Kate & Aida - chasing bubbles. That moment is frozen in time for me.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Birthday My Brown-Eyed Girl!

Yes, I know her birthday is technically on the 23rd, but in this house, we celebrate someone's birthday all week. Kate turns three on Wednesday, and it's amazing how time has flown. April 22, 2005 seemed just yesterday when I went into labor at 10:22 p.m. and FINALLY gave birth (thankfully without a c-section) at 4:28 p.m. the next day. She's still her father's daughter - big brown eyes, chestnut-colored hair. Some of her favorite things these days:

1) Favorite person - Grandmommy in NC - Mom's been a part of Kate's life since week 1 when she came to help out two clueless, tired parents. Nicknamed "The Wolf" (from "Pulp Fiction"), Mom's been the biggest supporter of Kate's development and the biggest help to us.

2) Favorite food - big cookies from Cake Love bakery. Chris takes Kate there when I'm in Church on Sunday. Yeah, yeah, I know - lots of sugar - but hey, she loves it, and as my friend Kristin famously says, "don't judge me." I'm just grateful she doesn't have any food allergies like a lot of the kids around here.

3) Favorite TV show - "Bill Maher" - no just kidding, although I wouldn't mind. It's actually Sesame Street and "Pingu" videos.

4) Favorite Book - Right now (and this changes hourly) - "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein.

5) Favorite girl friends - Aida and Hannah

6) Favorite time of day - snuggling up to Mommy reading books and singing songs before bed. This is my favorite time of day too.

Happy 3rd Birthday sweetheart - we love you to pieces!

Mama & Daddy

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Goodbye Ellis Family - We'll Miss Ya'll!

A little over a year ago, we met the Ellis family (Kristin, Abram, & Max) through our neighbors, Marianne & James. They've been such a joy to have in our neighborhood and our lives. Aviva (Vivi) was born in September, which finally added another little girl in the area!). Things we'll miss about the Ellis':

1) Kristin's cooking and love thereof - you're the only person I know who loves it as much as I do. You should have your own show or write your own cookbook with all the recipes you've handed down. Girlfriend got me to like asparagus with her blue-cheese vinagrette sauce recipe. Your empanada recipe still holds a place in our hearts.

2) Abram's smoker - and of course, you too, Abram! Chris has been coveting this thing since he met you. Now he's going to get his own. Thanks for expanding his culinary education!

3) The Annual 4th of July Parade around the pond. This was a classic - Kate STILL has her red, white & blue headband from that day. This tradition will continue with us - we can't let something that fun leave with you.

4) In a world of cynicism and doubt, ya'll have to be one of the most "true to your faith" couples we know. Thank you for being an example in "keeping the faith!"

We'll miss you Kristin, Abram, Max, and Vivi. Stay warm in Ann Arbor!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Object of Kate's Affection

Kate's fallen for an older man, according to Ms. Patty, her pre-school teacher. Ms. Patty brought her kids to school yesterday (Caroline, Maggie and Grant) and introduced them to the kids in her class. Kate took a liking to Grant and followed him around like a puppy. While on the playground, Grant walked away from her to help another child in the sensory garden. Kate climbed on top of the monkey bars and yelled "GWAAAAAANNNNNTTTT COME BAAAAAACK!!!" At the end of the school day, Grant walked Kate out to the car. What a gentleman! Kate was distraught at the thought of leaving him, and on the way home, she said "I miss Grant." Ahhhhhhh.....(really) young love......

Anyway, check out the slideshow taken of Kate on her holiday in NC with Mamama, Grandaddy, and her cousins Daphne, Iris and August. She obviously loves hats, flags, and slides!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Return of Ugly Naked Guy

It's been three days since we've returned from our holiday in St. Martin, and thankfully, I'm still relaxed. In fact, I'm probably TOO relaxed. Case in point - there are still dirty clothes lying on our bedroom floor begging to be washed, but somehow I found time to make a trip to the liqour store to get ingredients for our favorite new drink we discovered on the beach in SXM - the BBC (Baily's Caramel, Banana, Coconut + a splash of rum). I rarely drink anymore since grad. school, but this was fantastic.

As far as the title of this blog goes, here's the story: Chris & I were lounging at Friar's Beach, SXM, sipping our BBCs, and noticed a catamaran off-shore with a lot of semi-elderly people on board. The boat was one of those owned by companies that take people out on day cruises, and offer them lunch on the beach. I was watching the people on the boat and noticed that one of the men looked naked from the backside. I told Chris - "hey, I think the sun is affecting my eyes or something, but is that guy on the boat naked?" Before Chris could answer, Methuselah turns around and yes, it was full monty day on the old boat. I was thinking that these people can't be Americans - way too uninhibited. Then, a boatload came to shore for lunch - including Ugly Naked Guy (who was dressed by now) and a very burned, white-haired 70ish women in a thong. They blew their international image once they opened their mouths - they were indeed Americans. Oh well, it's not as if we had a stellar reputation abroad anyways.

Anyway, if you're going to SXM and Anguilla, here are some recommendations:

1) Favorite thing we did - hands down - daytrip to Anguilla. We took the ferry over, which runs every 1/2 hour out of the port of Marigot. We ended up at Cap Jaluca, a great resort, had lunch at George's on the beach, and had massages. Check out the website at:

2) It's a fine day to drive a Hyundai. If we weren't hanging out in Grand Case, we drove everywhere in the smallest car I've ever been in - a Hyundai Getz. There's no way an SUV can get through the streets, so this came in handy.

3) The Hotel Esplanade, where we stayed, was wonderful. We managed to get a one-bedroom suite that we hated to leave. Check out the hotel at

Now, back to the real world......ugh......where's my BBC?